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Reuel - Innovative Products for the Electrical Equipment Industry

Innovative Products for the Electrical Equipment Industry

Reuel is an established international leader in the manufacture of electrical equipment.  We manufacture cycloaliphatic epoxy molded insulators, bushings, and specialty products for medium voltage electrical equipment; and substations; and padmounted switchgear for medium voltage power distribution. Reuel is now part of the Hubbell Power Systems' family of products.
    Molded Products
Molded Products including Apparatus Bushings, Cable Accessories, Insulators, Multipoint Junctions and Specialty Molded Products
Apparatus Bushings
Our apparatus bushings are used in many applications for medium voltage electrical distribution...
At Reuel, we specialize in the use of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin-based materials. Cycloaliphatic epoxy has been used for outdoor components for over 50 years, and has established a proven record of mechanical durability, sustained electrical strength, and resistance to the elements. It's also used extensively in components that we manufacture for indoor applications.
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Cable Accessories
We manufacture cable accessories to fit your cable tap and sectionalizing needs.  All of our cable... 
Our insulators are used in many applications for medium voltage electrical distribution equipment...
Multipoint Junctions
Our Multipoint Junctions come in multiple configurations. They are available with 200, 600 or 900 amp...
Specialty Molded Products
We manufacture many specialty products for use in medium voltage electrical distribution equipment...
    Pad Mounted Switchgear
Padmounted Switchgear including Capacitor Banks, Interrupter Switches and Multiple Way Switching, Sectionalizing Cabinets and Metering Enclosures
Padmounted Switchgear
In addition to our quality standard features, we can provide additional options per our customer’s specification.  Our Padmount Switchgear can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.
Capacitor Banks
Interrupter Switches & Multiple Way Switching
Sectionalizing Cabinets
Metering Enclosures
We also offer other products and services such as custom machining including Molds, Custom Fabrication, Engineering Design Services, and clamping presses for Automatic Pressure Gelation Molding. Please see our Capabilities Section for complete listing.
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